How to Choose a Realtor?

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When you are preparing for a move,  (before you do any updates to the property), contact three (3) Realtors.  This way you will be able to make comparisons.  This is an interview process for you.  Prepare 5 or 6 questions to ask each Realtor.  you can compare their answers later.   Each Realtor, as they walk thru your home,they should make suggestions,  write them down .  These will be things to do in order to prepare your home for sale.   This doesn’t mean that you like the suggestions, just right them down.  (remember my background is 35 yrs as a Realtor).  This article is a great representation of my experiences during those years.

It is important, at this time, to know that when you ‘do’ sign a listing agreement with a Realtor, your home is now a Product to Sell, not your family home.  Therefore your decision to choose a Realtor should be a business decision, not about how cute or handsome they are.  The Realtors knowledge of the market is, obviously very important.  But, also important, is their knowledge of technology for marketing.  Putting the property in the MLS service, placing ads and holding open houses is not all you should expect.  The Realtor should be Social Media Savvy.  Their presence online makes a difference to the selling procedure.  They, also, need to have your property listed on the proper Social Media .coms.

Professional Home Stagers should be part of the marketing.  When we live in our homes, we buy furniture for the size of our family and how we like to live.  Therefore, the corner sofa is the right size for our family, but for selling, the corner sofa overwhelms the room and causes the room to appear smaller than it really is.   Staging is about showcasing each room,  natural light, minimizing  pieces in the room, so the room shows off its true size.  Sometimes a few pieces of furniture need to be re-arranged to give the proper appearance.  Professional Stagers can transform your home into a unique product to be marketed to the largest segment of the buying audience.

Back to your Realtor’ suggestions:  Sometimes, it may sound like your Realtor wants to re-build your home.  However, there are certain maintenance issues that really need to be completed.  None of us keep up with everything.   Generally speaking, the suggestions from your Realtor are good ones.  If the list is long, then discuss with your Realtor which improvements will help with the sale.  You and your Realtor should be able to agree mutually as to the direction acceptable to sell your home.  What you do  not want to do is ‘tie your Realtors hands’.  Moderation is good with everything.

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