Lynda B works ‘with’ your parents thru the various stages of the downsizing process, therefore relieving the family of this additional stress. You can enjoy just being family. Our parents do not like being told what and how to do things especially from us,their adult children. Our parents want to keep their independence as so will we, one day. Lynda B’s patience and knowledge is a welcome relief for ‘all things considered moving’.

Contact Lynda B, your MC, to see how she can keep you on track with your Move.513-543-4412

Downsizing Can Be Fun

Step 1 Plan Ahead – everything doesn’t have to happen at once
Step 2 Make a list of “To Do” things by order of importance

“Advantages to samller spaces”

First — less space to keep clean
Second — less maintenance

“Now is the time”

You have been saving those good clothes
you have been saving those good dishes
You have been saving those good linens

“Now — Use them!”