Dad works 40-50 hours per week. Mom is intensely involved in the children’s school activities, homework,  dance classes, sports, also, shopping, cooking, cleaning and doctors appt. Lynda B, The Moving Concierge saves you time and overall stress (from the added pressure) of ‘all things considered moving’.
Contact Lynda B, your MC, to see how she can keep you on track with your Move.513-543-4412

How to Choose a Realtor?

When you are preparing for a move,  (before you do any updates to the property), contact three (3) Realtors.  This way you will be able to make comparisons.  This is an interview process for you.  Prepare 5 or 6 questions to ask each Realtor.  you can compare their answers later.   Each Realtor, as they walk thru your home,they should make suggestions,  write them down .  These will be things to do in order to prepare your home for ...

Create a Moving Calendar

The first step in creating your move calendar, is to make a list of everything that needs to be done to complete this move.
ie: Realtors, Movers, Packers, house inspection, termite inspection, carpet cleaners, painter, plumber, electrician, landscaper
From this list, Organize the  proper order expecting work to be done. (if estimates are needed, allow time for turn-around responses)