Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip

  As the name implies, a new tip will be posted every week for viewing on Tuesday.  The topics of the tips will be: Organizing De-Cluttering Moving Packing Downsizing Professional Home Staging We hope these tips will be helpful for you.  If you have tips of your own, and would like to submit them, we can post your tips (credit will be given to you by First Name only) Contact Lynda B, your MC, to see how she can keep you on track with your Move. 513-543-4412 LyndaB@TheMovingConciergeServices.com


What is the 1st step when Preparing to Move?

When preparing for a move, the first step is De-Cluttering.  Here are the steps to help you start and complete this task.
Everything in your home should have a place (the place where these things call home) 1st, start room by room.  As you enter the
chosen room, put everything away.  Most likely, there will be some items in that room that do not belong.  Set those items outside
the room (just for the moment) After finishing the room, ...

What are Your Important Documents?

Important documents are: tax returns, mortgage documents, deeds to Real Estate and Autos and Boats, etc.  While our insurance companies have copies of our policies, most of us keep a copy as well.  Any banking records, your financial records,  medical insurance policies, school records, U>S> service records,  Wills, Prescriptions.  Most of us keep these items either online or all in one place.   Make a list of what your important papers are and gather them together.  Today with internet and ...

Organizing Tip: De-Cluttering

The first step to De-Cluttering is to have a place for everything.   Handle things only Once.
De-cluttering is like organizing on a smaller scale.  When your office and home is clutter free  Your Life will be Less Stressful.  Stress?  Who needs it.
First begin with walking in the door.  What do you always have in your hands?  Designate a specific place for keys, mail, purses/men emptying their pockets, briefcases, laptops and or IPads.  You shouldn’t breathe a sigh of ...